visual branding

Our objective is to tailor your vision while showcasing your organization's intentions in a beautul and truthful light. You have a unique story and it deserves to be shared 

creatively, honestly and with quality. We can help with graphic design, motion graphics, a full range of video content as well as product, realestate, landscape and drone photography. In addition, we specialize in portraits. Whattya say we update the ol headshot, hunh?


We have written and produced  several length varying scripts ranging from comedic commercial spots, to inspiring and cinematic narratives. We marry our creative writing with your mission statement to articulate an original script that can compete in any target market. We design it to be clever, relatable and marketable on both social and broadcasting platforms. On set, we remain a voice of direction and see to it that your vision gets communicated and delivered in the final product.


& Editing

We are a one stop shop, dedicated to bringing your story to fruition through the art of film-making. Having originated as wedding cinematographers, our gift is the ability to show up and make every situation work, the first time. We have all the equipment necessary to elevate your brands image and see that it gets there via our in-house editing suite. New to the industry? We will walk you through step by step and ensure you feel educated and comfortable throughout the creative process.

*We film in 4k, include audio, lighting, drone, gimbal and additional cameras.

Acting & Advocacy

We are both actors and public figures with professional experience in front of the camera, standing behind brands and their pursuit

in both the commercial

and industrial arena. We choose our clients as much as they choose us. Need talent or someone to speak on behalf of your company? We are happy to be a spokesperson promoting the experience with your brand and it's ventures.

Just need a vocal presence?

We specialize in voice over and own and operate a voice over studio.


Lila Flores & Corey Cleary-Stoner

We are a husband and wife, one stop shop, production company.

We are Actors. Filmmakers. Photographers. Writers. Directors. Editors. Artists. Musicians. Adventurers. Storytellers. Goofballs.

We dot it all, together. We are better for it and so is everything else. 



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